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In the year of 2003, we joined together’ a group of former soldiers of elite units and senior proffessionals in the israely economy’ in the purpose of uniqe social activity; rehabilitating and promotion children and adults who difficult in integrating with society’s main flow hoping to insight a significant change, to leverage their abilities and assist the to aquire skills to maintain and independent and contributing life style. the Galop NGO activities take place in The Open Space Ranch- a therapeutic horse ranch in Kefar Shmuel, and its method is based around The Open Space Method- a ground breaking method developed by Offer Komarovsky, and it combines therapeutic riding, animal therapy and other means of treatment. This combination of different therapeutic aspects has seen a lot of success in people with a wide range of difficulties, and made a real change in their life. it enabled them to fulfil their inner potential, has helped them out of a state of dependency, a lack of communication and social dysfunction, has put them back on their feet and helped them to incorporate back into ths israely society and the israely labor market.   
“The goal was to create a place of  connection between people and animals. a place of peace and quiet from the everyday hard competitive life of achieving, striving and completing tasks. it is a place of love, and happiness, but of hard work and an ambition for prograss. a place that reveals the soul in each and every one of us, and that is the basic idea in which the ranch operates on to this day”

P.H.D DR Ofer Komrovsky, founder of the open-space method 

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