"when you give and it fills you up inside, thats love"

come join us and be a part of our Galop family!
without you we can’t fulfill our vision!

Privat Volunteering

A small act is much more important than a great intention

The Galop family needs volunteers in many different subjects:

*graphic design
*personal mentoring
*workshop personal (pottery, painting etc)
*riding instructors

Organizational Volunteering

come galop with us!

help us make fun family time for kids on the autistic spectrum, party celebrations, birthdays for at risk youth, special volunteering days

Managers Workshop

Your empowerment - their empowerment

Galop makes special professional managers workshops, with an additional moderator on the autistic spectrum.


Eye Level Workshops

working together is the only way to success

Galop NGO makes special workshops for groups and companies who would like to incorporate, meet and be empowered by people who are different from themselves (low socioeconomic level, different religion, autistic spectrum)

ליצירת קשר לכל ההנדבויות השונות בעמותה ניתן להתקשר למספר 054-777-6565, ליאת

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