The Open Space Method is a ground breaking, holistic method through horses and animals, made specifically for at risk children and youth and adults on the autistic spectrum.
the open space method was developed by Dr. Ofer Komarovsky.

The method promotes a conceptual change about what is a limitation, and sees those same restrictions as points of strength in which change can happen. the ability to see a disadvantage as a quality that is worthy and different changes the place of the individual in society and therefore changes his perceptions of himself.the method holds great importance for a community- which is equal, all inclusive and multicultural. the person is not only the patient, but also the therapist and the guide.


The open space method is based on 4 principles

Connecting to the inner strength

Any process and any change can only come from a place of finding inner strength and removing the blocks and masks that are holding back us back from living our real potential. working with animals is one’s inner work with himself about developing the ability to listen, as well as connecting to the animal’s strength and together to move as one.


The open space accommodates people from all walks of life- different abilities, different limitations, different socioeconomic levels, different religions and different cultures. working together is an educational purpose in the open space ranch, it allows us to see the person beyond its exterior shell, and enables us to accept the things that are foreign to us.


Supporty Community:

The ranch’s activities are centered around day to day meeting, parties, trips, and varied shared activities. by doing so we are fulfilling a concept of belonging to a greater group who’s common goal is the need to connect, to look at each other at eye level both inside and out, to feel equal and worthy. 


we help people in the ranch to set their own goals- in the therapeutic sphere as well as the professional horse world. the ranch trains professional riders, trained horse people and riding instructors who worked their way from the bottom up, from a place of difficulty and hopelessness. we help them believe in themselves through the long way of achieving professional goals, finding a place of employment, livelihood and a sense of purpose

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