Gallop  – A Bridge for Love and Openness

“An open space for every man to be himself”

Gallop was established with the purpose of advancing special populations through a groundbreaking method that enables patients to attain extraordinary accomplishments on the path to their own independence.  The activities take place at a therapeutic horse ranch in Kfar Shmuel, using the open space method developed by Dr. Ofer Komarovsky. 

The open space method promotes a shift in perception wherein the patient’s “limitation” turns into their power and spark. This in turn promotes personal, communal and social change.

Many of the farm’s patients now live an independent lifestyle, their joy of life is restored and the burden on their families is significantly reduced.

EXTREME and Therapeutic Riding:

Therapeutic riding is a wonderful and special way to treat, teach and provide assistance to people with disabilities or various types of difficulties . Therapeutic riding has many advantages: it has a positive effect in the motor, social-emotional, psychological and cognitive-behavioral.

Day and employment center for adults with autism:

The Gallop NPO established and operates a rehabilitation and employment center for people with autism that reflects their ability to integrate into the community as structured, valued and functioning individuals.

In the center the autistics learn to take responsibility for themselves when preforming various tasks on the farm as well as acquire skills like craft, arts and jewlery .

Life training:

Gallop believes that every child who receives an empowering framework will build a strong “believing self” that will LET him realize the potential that lies within him. The meeting with the horse and the connection with it gives the child a safe space, where he can act out of desire and joy .The child realizes that he is the one who can “pull the reins in his hands” and determine his future. The children are refrrend by the various welfare offices and youth promotion departments

ODT workshops

The encounter with the horses together with the open space community are an opportunity to reconnect with the inner child of us. and to experience the potential of a real individual and a group harmony. The contact dialogue teaches tolook diffrently ourselves and the others

Ofer's house:

Ofer’s house has 10 teenagers on the autistic spectrum at different levels of functioning.All of them have verbal difficulties, have experienced social isolation and frustration in the course of their lives and their inability to communicate with the environment. In Ofer’s house, through a unique learning method and through the open space system, children experience a supportive social framework, improve their security and their future images, and thus a sense of self-realization in various areas of life.

Rehabilation of adults that lost their way:

Over the years, the “Open Space Farm” has absorbed many patients whose distress has not been adressed by the Israeli welfare system. The graduates learn how to improve their lives, work habits, work skills, organizing, coping with stress, taking care of others, adapting to changes and finding flexibility within them. 

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